June 2016 Emerald Woman, Curstie Marie

This month's feature Emerald Woman is Los Angeles' very own, Curstie Marie Heller, which you probably very well know as @MissVintageLady on Instagram! 

Curstie shared with us some of her daily inspirations and what living a vintage lifestyle means to her. 

Check out our interview below, and pictures from our shoot in downtown Los Angeles! 

1. What do you hope women learn about your style and confidence?

Be you that’s what Ido, don’t be afraid to be inspired. The most important thing is learning to love yourself because once you love yourself you can conquer anything. In the words of Audrey Hepburn “Elegance is the Only Beauty that Never Fades.”

2. Who is your favorite style icon and why?

I wouldn’t say I have just one favorite style icon, I am inspired by so many Old Hollywood Starlets & Modern Day Glamour Gals. My personal style is a combination of all the women that inspire me & I add my own personal touch.

3. What is your favorite Old Hollywood movie?

Gone with the Wind & Gentlemen Prefer Blondes are my absolute favorite Old Hollywood Movies, they are timeless classics in my opinion.

4. Why do you think “Old Hollywood” speaks to you?

Old Hollywood was more than just captivating glamour it was a way of life. If I had a time machine that would be the first place I would go.

5. What is your favorite red lipstick?

Besame Red its a Striking Blue Toned Bright Red that resembles the classic shade women wore in the 1920’s. Just Perfect for any Starlet’s Pout.

6. Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?

Oh there’s quite a few! Ashlyn Coco, Tara Misioux, ChicagoChic *Rachel*, Doris Day, Idda Van Munster, Acid Doll, Hamilton Addie, and of course Miss Dita Von Teese. As you can see I am inspired by such beautiful glamorous gals.

7. When you feel like you have nothing to wear, what is your go to ensemble in your wardrobe?

Hmm this seems to happen to me a lot, but that’s because I am so picky when it comes to the perfect outfit. My go to’s consist of Full Circle Skirts, Classic Little Black Dresses, or High Waisted Trousers.


8. What is your favorite dress, and why? Where did you get it?

My favorite dress has to be my Vintage 1950’s Glitter Tulle Prom Dress that I bought off a Vintage Seller. I love the feeling I get when I twirl around in it. I start to imagine myself twirling around in a big Great Gatsby styled mansion with the most exquisite art deco details all around me.

9. What are you wanting to wear all summer long?

Play Suit Tops & Circle Skirts if I am out running errands, but if I could lounge around in a Vivian Gown out by the Pool I would wear it all summer long.

10. What does ‘Effortlessly Captivating’ mean to you?

Glamour that is not forced but, just happens. 

12. What vintage pieces do you covet but don’t have?

Oh there is so many Vintage Items, I would love to own a collection of Lucite Purses they are so stunning, each carved detail is just pure perfection.


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