Banana Pudding

Emerald & Palm and Miss Semi Sweet
"Banana Pudding"

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This week we convinced Miss Semi Sweet that banana recipes are delicious!  This recipe has very little ingredients and is incredibly simple to make. Maybe at most you're in the kitchen putting it together for 20 min. The assembling is what takes the most time!

Banana Pudding Recipe:

- 1 Package Vanilla Pudding Mix (5.1 oz)
- 2 Banana's
- Vanilla Wafers
- 3 Cups Milk (Follow Pudding Mix)
- Cool Whip

Mix pudding mixture according to package. In a dish (square, oval, rectangular) lay vanilla waffers across the bottom. Top the wafers with sliced bananas, then cover with 1/2 of the vanilla pudding. Add a second layer of wafers and bananas. Top with the rest of the pudding. Cool for 1 hour in fridge. Top with cool whip and crushed vanilla wafers. Serve!

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