Ice Cream Pie

We have collaborated with Miss Semi Sweet to bring to life fun and tasty vintage recipes each Thursday, for #EmeraldLifeThursdays! 

For our first recipe, we have recreated Ice Cream Pie! 

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This is a perfect dessert to make for summertime parties! It's quick, easy and will delight just about everyone! 

What you'll need: 

- Pint of Vanilla Ice Cream
- Pint of Pistachio Ice Cream
- Pint of pineapple, strawberry, cherry (whichever you prefer honestly!)
- 2-4 frozen pie shells
- Milk (1 cup for each pie)
- Cool Whip/ReddiWhip
- Pudding/Jello Flavors: Chocolate, lemon, pistachio, strawberry
- Toppings: pistachios, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, chocolate shavings

Mix together a pint of ice cream with a cup of milk. After a minute stir in the pudding package. Pour into a pie shell (which was previously baked for a bit to get a nice color) and put in the fridge for an hour. Take out and enjoy! 



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